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visuals and animation design


performances / exhibitions:

  • akademietheater
  • museumsquartier q21
  • künstlerhaus
  • soundframe
  • donauinselfest
  • gartenbaukino
  • volkstheater - rote bar
  • palais auersperg
  • porgy & bess
  • parque del sol
  • popfest wien

  • sound::frame catalog about deepfjord's exhibition "pieces>perception":
  • >> deepfjord achieves in his work a smooth transition from pure aesthetic observation to a level of reflection confronting one's perception of reality. His work is characterized by his analogue roots using film sequences, pictures, slides... all modified with mechanical techniques or digital transformation.
  • Using clear, reduced pictures, symbols and repetitive cycles deepfjord describes the process of recall and visual associations. Reality is a central statement of his work. <<

deep fjord is ::

visual projections / video mapping / live videomixing /  projections for theatre / image creation /
concepts and production

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